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Souls Matters Program helps children build increased confidence and self esteem through Equestrian Education. Children identify naturally with animals so we use interactions with horses to teach less fortunate and abused children how to deal with the outside world and other people.  Often when children are abandoned or abused, they turn their heads to the world.  Abused children will turn their hurt into hate towards other people and abuse others.  By teaching kindness and empathy, our Souls Matters program helps turn these kids around and helps them look at conquering the world in a different way. The program encourages discipline and responsibility for a productive life while teaching compassion and respect for all of God's creatures.

We believe that our equine at Hoof and Souls are the perfect horses to help the abused and less fortunate children.  These horses have a past of abuse, neglect, abandonment and some were even slaughter bound that were saved just days prior to shipping.  Some of these children share a similar past and hearing the story of how these horses were saved tends to open the children up and make them feel some sense of safeness as well.  The equine here are full of acceptance and love and have a non-judgemental attitude which seems to reach deep into some of these childrens souls and give the children a better understanding of trust. These children learn to love the horses which in turn teaches them how to love themselves.   

Our abused and neglected equine have learned to forgive and overcome their past abuse, these animals are a great example of a role model and help the children learn how to be trusting, forgive and overcome their past and teach the children how to let go of the pain they are carrying to move forward and have a successful future.

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Souls Matter Program

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