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Rescues and Sanctuaries across the state and country are full and there are still many disadvantaged horses in need of help. At this time Hoof & Souls has limited space for horse keeping, therefore we rely on a network of foster homes to house many of our rescues until they can be adopted.

There are so many forgotten or unwanted equines out there that Hoof & Souls would like to be able to help, but the sad truth is that we are seriously limited by the number of foster homes we have available for our animals.


Here is how you can help:

If you have safely fenced dry lots, pasture, shelter and access to fresh, clean water for an equine and would like the opportunity to get involved and give hands on care (which includes feeding, grooming and interacting with one of our horses), contact us today. 

Typically we are looking for foster homes for our non-rideable companion horses or un-started youngsters. Senior horses are often times mellow, personable characters that enjoy human companionship and respond well to attention. Youngsters are fun to handle, however they require knowledgeable equine care givers to insure they learn their ground manners and don't become spoiled.

Every attempt is made to match the equine to the person or family taking responsibility for the animal's daily care. It is not uncommon for a strong bond and special relationship to develop. Equines feel safe and begin to trust again and humans reap the reward of giving and enjoying the companionship of a new equine friend.


Foster Families agree to the following:

  • Permit a Hoof &Souls representative to conduct a site visit at the prospective foster care facility prior to approval of the foster home and at 3 month intervals after the equine leaves Hoof & Souls.

  • Adhere to Hoof & Souls Standards of Care for the fostered equine (see Director of Horse Management for details).

  • Cover all costs associated with caring for the fostered equine including but not limited to hay, feed, vet care and farrier work. (Some Hoof & Souls equines have a portion of their care bills paid for by sponsors).

  • Allow potential adopters to schedule visits with the foster equine.

Tax benefit:

Foster families/persons may deduct any out-of-pocket expenses associated with caring for a fostered equine and they are always welcome to apply to adopt their special friend.

Please fill out our Foster Home Application if you would like to be considered for eligibility. A Hoof & Souls representative will contact you ASAP.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster care giver. If you feel that you are unable to foster or adopt at this time, please consider our Sponsorship Program. It is another great way to help the equines!

Foster Care Program

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