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Once we pick up an animal, whatever it's situation might be, we make sure that the animal fully recovers before they become available for adoption. Horses come to us in all sorts of conditions.  Some are very malnourished and underweight; overfed and obese, some are fit and trim, young and uneducated, spoiled rotten, old and broken down, aggressive and scared,  timid and distrusting, injured or ill,  we even get a few that are healthy and happy.  More often than not, the information we receive about a horse prior to getting it is, at best not thorough, and at worst, just plain dishonest.  Because of this, we have learned not to rely on what is told to us about a horse, but to do a complete valuation on the physical, mental, and behavioral condition of every horse we get to determine our course of intervention and rehabilitation.  Every horse that comes to Hoof and Souls  receives the following care:

  • An initial evaluation by a veterinarian to determine physical health and any needed medical treatment for illness or injury

  • Initial needed vaccinations and annual vaccinations thereafter

  • Appropriate meal plans for weight gain, weight loss or maintenance

  • De-worming and farrier work every 8-12 weeks, or as indicated

  • Annual dental work, which is critical for the overall health of a horse

  • Ground work and/or formal training, as indicated by the history, behavior, and training needs of each horse

  • Additional therapeutic services such as chiropractic care, sports massage, laser therapy, etc., as needed

The rehabilitation and daily maintenance and care of the horses is the mostly costly part of our program.  Just quality alfalfa, grain, hay, and necessary supplements are expensive.  The total annual cost of vaccinations, dental work, farrier care, de-worming, etc. is a large additional expense.  On top of that, we always have several horses that require more intensive medical care, therapeutic hoof care, chiropractic adjustments, and laser light therapy.  We also make decisions to put a few horses into training whether it be a refresher or formal training for 30-60-90 days in order to increase their chances of getting adopted.

Although this is a long and expensive process, we have found this process works best to insure a positive future for each animal.  Keeping them out of harm's way for the rest of their lives is our main goal!

If you are interested in financially supporting the rehabilitative program at Hoof and Souls, please click the “Donate” button.  We operate fully on donations from individuals, grants from foundations, and annual fundraisers.  Our Sponsor a Horse program allows supporters to give on a monthly basis and choose the horses to which they want their contributions to go.

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