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Please consider sponsoring one of the horses posted below!

Our permanent residents that will live out the rest of their lives with Hoof & Souls and equines waiting for their forever home would love to have someone sponsor them. We offer a sponsorship program that allows you to make a world of difference to one horse or as many as you would like to sponsor. 

Pick the horse of your choice and help support that horse via a monthly donation that fits your budget to help pay for their feed, supplements or medical needs. You will receive a Certificate of Appreciation with the horse's photo and regular updates. You can also gift this to that special someone. It's like "owning" a horse without "owning a horse".

We are strictly volunteer run. Your donations go toward the care of the horses through feed, special supplements, medications, veterinary expenses, hoof care, transport, as well as training. All of those things are needed for successful rescue and rehabilitation of the horses under our care. Join our herd and sponsor a horse today!

You can sponsor any horse on this website.

Simply click on the button, choose the amount you would like to sponsor and PayPal will take care of the rest!  Please do not forget to put the name of the horse you would like to sponsor!  If that horse is adopted, and you are a monthly sponsor, you can choose another horse that you would like to move the funds too!

The horses thank you!

Join The Herd - Sponsor a Horse

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