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Hoof & Souls Equine Rescue is a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit organization. We rely on income generated by fundraising events, corporate sponsorships, grants, and financial donations from individuals who believe in what we are doing.  All of the annual budget goes to the direct costs of rescue and rehabilitation, including feed, medical expenses, rehabilitative care, and necessary supplies.

There are several ways to give to Hoof & Souls.  Financial donations are the biggest need because horse rescue and rehab is quite costly. Donations of this kind will be listed once we are approved. 

We keep hay available at all times for our horses.  Square bales of costal cost $7 a bale.   Alfalfa costs about $20 a bale or more for good quality alfalfa. Bales weigh about 120 pounds. A horse eats about 20 pounds a day so a single bale last 2-3 days for each horse. 

That's an annual expense of around $34,000, which needs to be raised via donations from our generous supporters as we do not receive any state or federal funding to operate.  If you can, please consider donating to help us offset our hay expense.

1 Bale (about 60 lbs) = $12
1 Round Bale (about 900  lbs)  = $40

Donate securely via Paypal at the "Donate Now" button below.  You can Donate one time or monthly for hay!    Or make out a check and mail to 5580 CR 277 Kaufman TX 75142     Thank you!!!

The average horse costs $300 a month, just to cover the basics which does not include medical care if needed.  

We currently have 10 rescue horses on our farm so we are in need of financial donations to continue our rescue and rehabilitation efforts.  All donations are tax deductible. 

Our Tax ID: 81-4607700

Your generosity is appreciated by all the volunteers and horses at Hoof & Souls!

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