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Rehabilitation Equipment

A  Rehabilitation Division will help with bringing any horse back from injury or illness in a quicker, soothing, relaxing, theraputic way.  Having a sick or injured rescue can take time and be a challenge.  With rehabilitation equipment, Hoof & Souls will be able to manage the day to day care and rehabilitate a horse back to health quickly! Equipment we are working towards in order to make our dream rehabilitation area a reality!     

Therapy Plate -vita floor therapy – Vitafloor is a vibrating floor system that helps promote muscle tone, bone density, and increased circulation by utilizing Whole Body Vibration.

AquaTracer Treadmill – The treadmill lessens the weight bearing load on the horses limbs, water applies pressure to the lower limbs which help improve circulation and decrease inflammation.  Reduces recovery time and promotes correct posture and a balanced gait.

Equine Spa – The spa is perfect for lower leg rehabilitation and injury.  It can treat laminitis, tendonitis, arthritis, hoof injuries, shin splints, bruising, swollen joints, open wounds and skin infections.


The Pool – Aquatic therapy is great for rehabbing a horse back to health

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