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Horse Guide - $100 per month
This level will provide education through the use of pamphlets and information materials supplied to the public. It is important for the public to recognize our rescue mission and to be made aware of how to care for horses.

Horse Wise - $200 per month
This level will purchase appropriate veterinary care and horse fees. for  example: immunizations, penicillin and dewormer for three horses.

Horse Wisdom - $350 per month
This level will purchase feed and ongoing maintenance for the horses. Example: Farrier, dental, deworming.

Horse Innovator - $500 per month
This level will assist in facility upgrades, fencing equipment or towards extra shelter for the pasture.

Horse Master - $1000 per month
This level will go towards hay, straw, machinery, equipment and professional training for a horse 

Monthly Sponsorship

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